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Monthly Annual 6 Month
Pricing personal


0 € / month
  • Multi currency wallet (up to 3 currencies)
  • Currency exchange (No limit)
  • 7/24 support
  • link with one bank account
  • No additional and hidden fees
  • Assign one yekpays link
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Pricing business


8.33 € / month
  • Multi currency wallet (up to 5 currencies)
  • Currency exchange (No limit)
  • 7/24 support
  • link with three bank accounts
  • One multi currency payment gateway
  • Assign five yekpays link
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Pricing business plus

Business plus

38.33 € / month
  • Multi currency wallet (up to 9 currencies)
  • Currency exchange (No limit)
  • 7/24 support
  • link with multiple bank accounts
  • Multiple multi currency payment gateway
  • Assign multiple yekpays links
  • Live view of the transactions on the map
  • Full technical support for websites and web services
  • free monthly fee,In the case of a total transaction above 500,000 euros
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Pricing payment

More Than Just Payments!

yekpays presents merchants with the widest range of global and local payment solutions available in the market with the added benefit of a PCI hosted payment and multi-currency support. With one provider that centralizes all of your payment demands, Yekpey removes the outdated need for multiple payment processors.

  • Any yekpays users can send money to other users with no transaction fees, in minimum time without geographical limitation.
  • In yekpays platform you can exchange your money to 9+ favorite currencies in the world.
  • Traffic Management Intuitive payment funnel increases revenue and improves user experience.
  • 3D Secure Authentication standard to help clients avoid fraudulent activity.
  • valid credential from trusted organizations.
  • Fraud Protection Minimize fraudulent activity resulting in chargebacks or refunds.
  • PCI Level I Environment PCI DSS Secure hosted servers.
  • Multi Jurisdictions supported. Supporting business with onshore & offshore jurisdictions.
  • Unique localized methods Extensive coverage of alternative payment methods & e-Wallets.
  • Do more with less Increase efficiency and cut operational costs.
Pricing gate schematic
Pricing features

Features That Drive Business Forward

Pricing Large Global Reach

Large Global Reach

Access to global markets

Different payment types

Different languages

9 currency options

Pricing Customizable Checkout

Customizable Checkout

Mobile-friendly experience

Branded to match your website

Localized checkout

Pricing Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Higher PCI DSS compliance

fraud rules per transaction

Minimized risk

Pricing Simple Integration

Simple Integration

Different online cards

Extensive documentation

Powerful API and sandbox testing

Pricing FAQ How much is the exchange service fee?

The exchange service fee is fixed cost of 0.3 €.


3.5 ~ 6 %

Pricing FAQ How much is the rate to payout from wallet?

The rate for payout to local bank accounts and cards is: 5% per transaction.


* Transactions that have been paid by Turkish citizens on Turkish Liras currency, 18% Value Added Tax (KDV) will be charged.

* According to International Banking Systems and Payment Service Providers terms and laws, from March 3, 2020, all transactions on yekpays website payment gateways, implemented on yekpays merchants websites, would be held for 25 days and if there was no complaint on mentioned transactions from payers, the payout from the yekpays wallet would be available.

Pricing FAQ

Topup and Payout through yekpays gateway

Let’s Payout; secure and globally

When you want to payout(withdraw) or transfer your money, you can use yekpays “payout” method. In Payout there are three methods of transaction:

Money transfer
Wire Transfer
1. Wire Transfer

If you want to have transaction to any bank account you have to use “wire” method. You can wire your money to the bank account which you defined in yekpays platform.

* This transaction process takes 5-7 working days.

* depend on the bank which you transfer money to it, some transfer cost will be deduct from the payment.

* Minimum amount of payout is 2500 euro.

To another Yek Account
2. To another yekpays Account

If you want to transfer money to another yekpays account you have to use “transfer” method.

* This process is instantly and takes no time with no commission.

* This transfer is free.

* There is no limit for maximum amount of payout.

Let’s Topup; Fast and easy

To charge your account you can use three methods include wire, Debit/Credit card and IRR that there is no commission for the whole process.

Money transfer
Wire Transfer
1. Wire

To charge your account with wire method, you have to wire the money to yekpays’s account in Turkey and we will charge your wallet. (the information of yekpays’s account is automatically filled in the wire section).

* Minimum amount of Topup is 1000 €

* The process takes 5-10 working days.

* There is no limit for maximum amount of topup.

To another Yek Account
2. Debit/Credit

If you have debit or credit cards.

* Here you can charge your account instantly.

* acceptable currencies are EUR,TRY,JPY,RUB,GBP and AED.

* Maximum amount of topup is 2500 euro per transaction.