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Safe, fast and easy way to receive money from your friends or customers

By using yekpays payment link (PBL) you can get paid online on your personal payment page.

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What is yekpays Link (PBL)?

Payment link is one of the easiest, most popular and at the same time the safest payment methods.

After registration in yekpays and as soon as you create a link, you will have an online banking identity in the form of a link (like: https // yekpays.me/sarah) or a QR Code.

Then you can send this link or image of the code to your friends and clients and direct them to your personal payment page, which has been made by yekpays, then with clicking on the link or scanning the code, they could be able to send you money through a safe bank platform.

Create payment link
What is a Payment By Link (PBL)?
  • With yekpays link there is no need for giving card number to others, instead you can send them your yekpays user name.
  • This link can be made with the amount you specified or the amount that will be determined later by the sender.
  • You can also receive money up to 3000 Euro and equivalent in other currencies
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Fixed number

in this type of yekpays link, the applicant would define an amount of money he wants to receive for selling his/her products. This yekpays link is proper for selling the items with fixed costs.

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Variable number

in this type of yekpays link, the one who wants to send money would define an amount of money he wants to send. this yekpays link is proper for charity affairs and receiving money without quantity.

How can I payout my money?

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All payments will topup in to your electronic yekpays wallet.

The withdrawal steps of the wallet are as follows:

  • Sign up your user account.
  • Define your bank account in the 'Bank Accounts' section.
  • Transfer via “Wire” to your bank account.

Have an online banking identity and receive your money

Payment link instagram

If you have an online business and you want to sell your products and services through social networks such as Telegram and Instagram, you can easily sell your products by making a personalized payment link, without constraint of giving your card number to your customers.

If you are a service provider or campaign organizer, and you want to have an exclusive payment page, you can create a paid form and get paid more efficiently than ever from your referrals.

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Payment link instagram

If you want to have a personal payment gateway and ask for money from your friends any time you want, you can make a payment link. This link can be made with the amount you specified or the amount that will be determined later by the sender.

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payment link benefits

yekpays link Benefits

No need to have a website

No need to have a website!

You can also use yekpays Link to sell through your email, SMS, social networks or your blog page.

QR code

QR code

With QR code that coupled with your yekpays link, on your posters, catalogs, advertisement, and website, your customers could scan QR code to go to your own payment page.

Support various bank cards

Support various bank cards

Currently, yekpays payment platform supports almost all credit and debit cards.

Different currencies

Different currencies

For yekpays Link different currencies are acceptable including: EUR, CHF, AED, CNY, GBP, JPY, RUB, TRY

24/7 supported

24/7 supported

Our support team is available for any question and guidance every 24 hours a day.



You can customize your payment page with your favorite photos, color and information.

Keep your customer information secure by yekpays PBL

Make your online deals safely and securely with the highest level of security features and payment protection.

Payment link IP

IP address checking

We will prevent potential risks by checking the customer's IP address and tracking fake payments.

Payment link fraud

Fraud detection

Score online transactions and stop chargebacks. Take advantage of a broad range of data to identify traits of risk specific to your online business.

Payment link 3D secure

3D Secure

With 3D Secure, you can verify the identity of the card holders using an extra password at the time of purchase.

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