Faster, Safer money transfer!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to transfer money online, 'yekpays' gives you a variety of financial transactions between countries in the world.


Benefits of money transfer with yekpays

Transfer in bank

Transfer money through valid banks

All transactions are carried out at the bank's premises, and no funds will be deposit in yekpays account.

Transfer fast

Fast money transfer

In many cases (depending on the working days and the bank of origin and destination), the transfer of funds is done instantaneously.

Transfer fast

Updated rates

All prices are updated according to the rates announced by the central bank every hours.

Transfer fast

Follow up capability

yekpays is the only platform in which users can trace their money transfer from the moment they starts the transaction to receipt by the destination.

Here are some real situations in which yekpays works!

Transfer money family

Want to transfer money to your loved ones across the world?

If your family and friends live in other country and you need to pay them some funds temporarily, you just need to make a yekpays account, charge your wallet and then transfer that amount of money you want.

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Transfer money freelancer

Are you a freelancer?

If you are a freelancer who work with some foreign company outside your country, yekpays money transfer service is the best choice to have your money in a secure online fast way.

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Transfer money students

Do you study abroad?

Now assume that you are a student in any foreign countries and your family want to send money to you. Oh what a nice family! Anyway, you can have that money right in your account with just some clicks, and the opposite transaction is possible too.

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All You Need To Know For Money Transfer

Transfer money figure
How much is the Commission?

There are 3steps you should pass to transfer money

  • first is sign up and top-up account which is completely free.
  • Next step is transferring and exchanging money. Exchange fee is 30 cents. And the transferring money to another yekpays account is completely free.
  • the last step is when you want to payout money which costs only 5% of the destination currency
Transfer money debit card
What information should I have for payout?
Identification information, valid address and bank information. To payout in other currencies, you need IBAN Number and Swift Code. The transaction will be in Wire method
Transfer money wallet
Which method I can use to transfer money?

If you want to to payout or transfer money you can do it from “payout” menu in yekpays platform which has 3 methods:

  • Wire transfer
  • Transfer money to another yekpays account

How it works

Transfer money target

1. Choose a country

Transfer money

4. Transfer money

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