Yekpays  FAQ

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Yekpays is an international online payment platform, aims to facilitate international transactions for individuals and businesses with safe, fast and fair-cost services. With Yekpays online platform there is no need to refer to banks or exchange offices. Money transfer, Multi currency wallets, Online Gateway and many other services are simply available in users panel.
We have agreements and cooperation with Banks and e-money companies, we receive and transfer your money.
If you want to receive Money:
After you register and being verified by Yekpays Trust system. Your customers can pay money to our bank accounts; you can check your last money statement in your Yekpays account. You can collect the arrived money and ask for the transfer to your registered bank account. You will get your money within 3 working hours from submitted request for transfer.
If you have a website and receive Money by credit cards:
After you register and being verified by Yekpays Trust system. You can use through Yekpays system and manage your website payments through your account in Yekpay. Your requests for transfer will be done through Yekpays within 3 working days.
For informing about the costs please check Pricing page
If you are a registered Business or an individual who have a website, you may be eligible to use our services. Your website must use credit cards payment service before.
No. Yekpays will not transfer money to bank accounts which are not owned by the account holder or is not registered in Yekpays under account holder’s name.
Using our services on behalf of any other Yekpays user or non-user is considered illegal transaction and will be followed according to local and international Law and will block your account.


Go to your dashboard to reset your password.
For deleting your account pelase submit a ticket
To delete your bank account you have to send a ticket to support team and they will do it for you.

Send and receive money

In transactions page ( you can see all wallets transactions include purchases and  and top-up’s.

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