yekpays wallet

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EWallet is an electronic tool for facilitating the purchase cyberspace, especially Internet sites, Telegram, Instagram and other virtual networks. Thanks to wallet users can track transactions and related informations

Why we use yekpays wallet?

the wallet can receive user account information, and will be able to charge directly and instantly through an accelerated card as well as an Internet web service.

yekpays wallet features

  • Can be connected to bank cards and accepted on the accelerated network
  • Internet shopping capabilities from foreign websites
  • Direct purchasing through virtual networks
  • Information storage, rating and full facilities of the customer’s club
  • Having multiple wallets in different currencies and possibility of converting each other
  • The possibility of fast transfer to the other currencies within the country to any account or card number
  • The wallet can be used in

yekpays wallet applications

  • Party contract website for online shopping
  • Social networking channels for purchasing goods or services
  • Connect to POS devices in some foreign countries
  • Foreign and domestic party contract shopping centers
Wallet easy steps to manage

Easy steps to manage your personal e-wallet

  • Register
  • Currency
  • Wallet
  • Exchange
  • Money


first, create and activate your yekpays account. To do so you have to sign up from our <a href=''>registration</a> page then easily fill the form and be careful that e-mail and mobile can not be change. then verify your account via email and proceed to next step.

choose your desired currency

Choose your currency from our 9 currencies in yekpays platform

You can exchange each of the currencies whenever you want.

Your chosen currency balance will be increase in any of these ways:

Top-Up: Which includes Wire, Debit/Credit, Paypal

Internal Transfer: When someone transfer money in your account

E-check: When someone issue a check for you

Pay by link: This is for business and business plus account.

IPG: When others buy from your website


you can change your currency to 9 others. which means you can have 9 different currencies in business plus account, 5 and 2 currencies in business and personal account respectively.

You can withdrawal and use your wallet balance from any of these ways:

Payout: Wire

internal transfare: When you want to transfer money to any other yekpays account (edited) e-check: In this way you can define the date in which you want to transfer the e-check to your desired yekpays account.

Wallet safe
Not even yekpays can access your money
Get real security by using a real wallet. Create a normal wallet for immediate payments, or lock down your security by requiring payments.
Wallet security
Trust that your payments are secure, every time
Get secure, powerful options for buying, selling, and spending your money.
yekpays wallet
Powerful secure interface
We carefully designed this site for new users. We don't hide important information or remove powerful features.
Wallet transfer
Manage your wallet on-the-go
Monitor and add to your yekpays balance with some swipe in the panel. Get detailed information for all transaction activity.