About Yekpays

Yekpays   story
This is our story...

In 2014, a group of payment technology experts, with the help of a number of experienced programmers, found the opportunity to create innovation in the payments space.

So Yekpays set out to build a technology solution capable of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of today’s fast-growing global businesses.

What was problem
What was problem ?
An application for an online merchant payment gateway with banks or PSPs took many times and procedures to process. Businessess need to have a branch, address, local employers, taxation, social insurance and etc for opening a bank account for online payment gateway as basic condition, often was declined due to size or limited history of the business. Payment gateways added further costs and required technical expertise to get up and running also. Founders of Yekpays experienced this problem first-hand and knew others in a similar position waiting for a product such as Yekpays online payment gateway. Launched in 2016, Yekpays offered first all in-one multi-currency online get paid solution. Finally all businesses in word had an easy way to get paid online in their local currency, and be on a level playing field with their local and overseas competitors.
Yekpays   benefits
Yekpays benefits
  • Free account registration
  • Credit your Yekpays account by making sales on the website or direct wire transfer
  • Online remittance of any amount to all over the world
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support
  • Acceptance of payments in multi currency, but receipt of payment in your currency of choice
  • Exchange currencies to another currency and receive it in your bank account
  • 24/7 supporting system
  • Safe, User friendly, fast, reliable, trustworthy services
  • Widespread network and partners

Who are we

Yekpays is an international online payment platform, aims to facilitate international transactions for individuals and businesses with safe, fast and fair-cost services. With Yekpays online platform there is no need to refer to banks or exchange offices. Money transfer, Multi currency wallets, Online Gateway and many other services are simply available in users panel.

Our mission

Yekpays mission

Our aim is to drive progress and make a difference by building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities. so we exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business.