The new paradigm in online payments!

Yekpays is an international online payment platform, aims to facilitate international transactions for individuals and businesses with safe, fast and fair-cost services. With Yekpays online platform there is no need to refer to banks or exchange offices. Money transfer, Multi currency wallets, Online Gateway and many other services are simply available in users panel.

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Our solutions for e-commerce and online businesses
  • Receive/Send Money
  • International Online Gateway
  • Local Online Gateway
  • International Virtual POS
  • Multi-currency Wallets
  • Yekpays Link(request multi-currency money)


If you want to send money to any country in the world or receive some money, You can utilize Yekpay’s simple, user-friendly and safe platform.
  • Receive/Send Money
  • Debit Cards
  • Multi-currency Wallets
  • Yekpays Link(request multi-currency money)
Yekpays  platform

Simply send your money request to others!

Payment link is one of the easiest, most popular and at the same time the safest payment methods. After registration in Yekpays and as soon as you create a link, you will have an online banking identity in the form of a link (like https // bookstore / or a QR Code.

Then you can send this link or image of the code to your friends and clients and direct them to your personal payment page, which has been made by Yekpay, then with clicking on the link or scanning the code, they could be able to send you money through a safe bank platform.

Yekpays  wallet

Take advantage of Yekpays exclusive Debit Card

with Debit Card, there is no need to carry cash on trips. Debit Card is a secured solution for cash payments through ATMs around the world. It also lets you shop online from around the world, get airline tickets, book a hotel, and manage your online payments. And don’t worry! You can easily get the remaining money on your credit card. Of course, the Yekpays Debit Card has special advantages over other debit card.

Yekpays  credit card

Join thousands of other users and safely transfer money

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to transfer money ‌between countries, Yekpays will allow a variety of financial transactions in the shortest possible time through a safe banking platform.

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One Country, One Gateway!

If you’re selling online services and goods or considering to sell internationally through the internet, then congratulations on making a great business decision! Now with Yekpays online payment and get paid gateway you can sell your goods and services in a safe and easy way by staying legal.

Yekpays  additional services

Global customers with Yekpays Multi-currency Terminal

With multi currency POS terminals, payments can be done with credit or debit cards. These terminals have some extra advantages and capabilities

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Feel elegant! You have Multi-currency wallet

By defining an electronic wallet you can have a wallet with different currencies in it. In such a way that people can send money to you in any currency that your wallet supports, and you also can convert it to any other currency. Then you may keep the money in your wallet or withdraw it.

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